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Indulge in the best of barbecue food this summer season with Good Food’s favorite good burgers. The best dog of the barbecue is offered the supreme makeover, which means you may be certain these recipes will do you great. From brilliant beany burgers to fantastic fish patties, these burgers are bursting with scrumptious seasonal flavours. In case you are searching for a light choice that still has a punch, check out our good barbecue recipe collection.


 1. Prawn & salmon burgers

Salmon burger with salad aboard Whip up these very simple salmon and prawn burgers having an astounding fishy feast that is filled with healthy goodness and full of omega-3. We like the chilli mayo blend for an additional flavor increase as well as the leafy salad topping. They may take just fifteen minutes of prep time, which means you will not invest lengthy sweating it out there in the room.


 2. Chickpea & coriander burgers

Chickpea burgers on bun with red onion and salad These delicious chickpea & coriander burgers provide loads of flavor, along with supplying 2 of the 5-a-day of yours. You will not think it perfectly spiced patty is low fat but feel us, it is real. Best with new red onion and spicy chilli sauce for an additional kick, as well as flip a box of chickpeas into something amazing.


 3. Jerk chicken burgers

Chicken burger with guacamole Pump up the seasoning with our Jamaican inspired jerk chicken burgers, grilled to perfection and served with all of your favorite trimmings. This super simple recipe is going to have folks returning for seconds, plus it is prepared in only twenty minutes. In case you want a speedy dinner or maybe a fast solution for a new barbecue, this’s it.


 4. Turkey & coriander burgers with guacamole

Turkey burger with guacamole on buns It is a very fact that things are better with a dollop of creamy guacamole, which involves our painless turkey & coriander burgers. Fill up your bread rolls to the brim with golden brown burgers, sweet Peppadew peppers and guac to balance the chilli in the avocado mix.


 5. Smoky mushroom burgers

Mushroom burger with cheese on bun Make almost all of those fungi and make our smoky mushroom burgers with melty cheese as well as extremely indulgent roasted garlic mayo. Cooking the garlic cloves before applying them brings out an extremely extreme flavour – we cannot get enough of it. Top your stuffed mushrooms with a lot of cheddar and caramelized sticky onions for a real showstopper. Even confirmed mushroom haters are going to love these remarkable patties.


 6. Easy vegan burgers

Vegan burgers with ketchup and salad on plate Rustle up a great polenta burger either on the grill or even in the oven for a plant based alternative which does not skimp on flavor. We suggest creating a batch and freezing them, therefore they are prepared for whenever you want them. Make use of sweet potato and sweetcorn to bulk up the foundation. The polenta offers these burgers an irresistible crunch on that all important very first bite – they are worth the energy! Perform with our simple tomato salsa you are able to whip up in 5 minutes.


 7. Beef burgers with sweet potato wedges

Beef burgers with sweet potato wedges aboard In case you cannot picture a barbecue with no beef burgers, this particular recipe is perfect for you. Combine lean mince, fresh garlic and chilli to create these very simple patties and serve with paprika spiced crispy wedges. This particular formula is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and also will not result in you any unnecessary pressure within the kitchen area. These healthy burgers are remarkable in virtually every way.


 8. Tangy tuna burgers

Tuna burger with avocado on bun Try a twist on a traditional as well as make our uncomplicated tangy tuna burgers for 2. This very simple supper is often plated up in only twenty five minutes. Everything you will need is fresh tuna steak including a couple of various other ingredients, and then cook to your liking. The ginger, garlic & soy offers these burgers an Asian inspired flavour infusion – consider using a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce in case you are feeling daring. We believe you will really like them in the very first bite on the previous.


 9. Mushroom & chickpea burgers

Chickpea burger on bun with tomatoes Who knew chickpeas and mushrooms have been a match made in heaven? We did. Make these veggie burgers with a cumin spiced yogurt – the formula uses ingredients you will most likely need to hand, therefore no need for panicked trips on the grocery store. These burgers likewise create a good option to soggy sarnies in case you would like a lunchtime with a big difference.


 10. Miso burgers

Burgers with slaw on plate with fork We are mad for miso, particularly in burger type having a fresh mint and pomegranate slaw over the edge. These veg packed beauties are make, low-fat, and low-calorie a good change from beany veggie options. Test with a squeeze of lime and a good helping of the carrot & cabbage slaw.