Extra Vegetable Fried Rice

Right here it’s in full glory, and also it is as flavorful as it’s colorful. Hooray!

I applied brown rice, obviously, as well as threw in a couple of greens, offering a lot more wellness extra points. (The greens are optional.)


This’s just what you need to generate when you’ve leftover rice and several random raw veggies in the fridge of yours. You are likely to really like it!

The very best Vegetable Fried Rice
I created the formula to work nicely in a typical skillet (preferably cast iron), since the majority of us do not have woks in your own home.

The one challenging part, that truly is not as hard, is cooking the eggs, rice and vegetables separately, and blend all of them during the end.

The way, each portion is prepared just right, as well as the veggies plus grain can get an opportunity to build all those scrumptious golden edges.

Colorful, delicious, additional vegetable fried rice! This’s an easy and beautiful dinner recipe. cookieandkate.com
Of course, please tell me just how you this way formula in the comments. I am constantly so excited for the feedback of yours.

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Discover how to generate veggie fried rice – it is an enjoyable and fulfilling dinner recipe! Vegetarian and also gluten free. cookieandkate.com
This veggie fried rice recipe is created with double the veggies, for nutrition and flavor! Get this particular vegetarian/gluten totally free recipe at cookieandkate.comPRINT


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Discover how to generate veggie fried rice – it is a satisfying and simple dinner! This vegetarian recipe features additional veggies and brown rice. Recipe yields two large or perhaps three average servings (I believe you might increase it in case you’ve a sizable enough skillet, though you may not receive that much caramelization on the tips of the vegetables plus rice).

One ½ teaspoons + two tablespoons avocado oil or perhaps safflower oil, divided
Two eggs, whisked together
one small white-colored onion, finely cut (aproximatelly 1 cup)
Two medium carrots, finely cut (aproximatelly ½ cup)
Two cups extra veggies, slice into tiny pieces for fast cooking (see pictures for size reference; choices consist of snow peas, bell pepper, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, and/or frozen or fresh peas – simply no requirement to thaw first)
¼ teaspoon salt, far more to taste
One tablespoon grated or perhaps finely minced fresh ginger
Two big cloves garlic, pressed and minced

One cup greens () that is optional, like spinach, baby kale or perhaps tatsoi
Three green onions, chopped
One tablespoon reduced sodium tamari or perhaps soy sauce**
One teaspoon toasted sesame oil


This recipe will come together quickly. Before you can get going, be sure that many of your materials are prepped and inside an arm’s access from the stove. Also have a clear bowl close by for positioning the prepared veggies and eggs.
Immediately add one ½ teaspoons of petroleum and swirl the pan to jacket the bottom part. Add the scrambled eggs as well as swirl the pan so that they cover the bottom part. Cook until they’re simply gently set, stirring or flipping along the way.

Keep on cooking, stirring from time to time (don’t add way too frequently, or maybe the vegetables will not have an opportunity turning golden on the edges), before vegetables are prepared through and switching golden, aproximatelly three to five additional minutes. In the meantime, do the advantage of your respective spatula or maybe a spoon for breaking up the scrambled eggs in to little pieces.
Return the pan to high heat as well as the remaining 1 tablespoon oil.
Get rid of the pan from the high temperature and add in the tamari & sesame oil.
Divide into bowls as well as serve right away. Leftovers save best in the fridge, covered, for three to four days (in case you utilized purple cabbage, it may stain your scrambled eggs an interesting blue color, though it is okay to eat).
*RICE NOTES: You will have to prepare aproximatelly one cup dry rice to deliver adequate for this particular recipe; be positive never to over cook it or maybe it is going to stick to the pan. I favor short grain brown rice since it is a bit of rubbery, but medium grain or maybe jasmine rice works, also. Here is how I cook murky rice. You are able to apply freshly grilled rice in case you distribute it onto a big paper tray and allow it to cool for five to ten minutes first (this provides it with an opportunity to dry out a little so that it does not steam itself within the pan). Day-old leftover, fridge rice is excellent, also. Simply break down any lumps of grain before you put it with the pan. Recognition likelies to Serious Eats because of the rice tips