Case Studies Dum Dum

Case Studies Dum Dum: The deluxe doughnut winning hearts as well as minds at Harrods and also London’s Boxpark
Dum Dum
Dum Dum Doughnuts introduced its initial “Donutterie”, within London’s Boxpark in Shoreditch found 2014 In only a couple of years, foods business owner Paul Hurley has applied his distinctive luxury doughnut recipe to change an easy concept right into a significant British startup results story, plus is currently drawing on the increasing worldwide marketplace for gourmet doughnuts.

After faculty, he started working hard for F&B, airers4you behind Dunkin’ Doughnuts’ UK franchise, doing work in nearly every department of the company over several over fifteen years.

“I learnt anything about managing a fast growing company,” he informed Business Advice. “After years I realised there was nobody on the planet that recognized the marketplace along with me as well as, together with the business partner of mine, made the decision to brake away and release my own online business, working to create the ideal doughnut within the world.”


“Franchising is a good way to grow the Dum Dum loved ones and also make our delicious doughnuts offered to a lot more individuals throughout the world,” stated Hurley.

Getting the item right in the first example continues to be crucial to Dum Dum’s achievement so much, and also Hurley advised some business owner, particularly those in drink and food, making this a high priority when getting started.

We’re the only manufacturer with a baked system which still tastes as a doughnut, & they are all handmade. We needed to make that here jump in product quality via the outset.”

The emblem has thus by now developed the own niche of its, providing a platform where to rival worldwide doughnut franchises as Krispy Kreme. Hurley proceeded to say: “The larger models in fact assist us.